Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's One Big Beet Leaf. 

    I realize many people who end up stumbling on this blog maybe be questioning, “Isn't this leaf picture a little too large?” And yeah, I even thought that originally. But when I really think about it, this is a perfect example of what I want my life to be filled with. In life we have so many moments where we treat them like just another beet leaf. Now if anyone is unfamiliar with eating beet leaves, (dad this one is for you), allow me to explain.
     First off, often times the leaves on this particular vegetable get cut off and immediately composted, in which case my metaphor works even better. But! Some people definitely enjoy these earth toned greens as a wonderful component to their usual salad courses. Or perhaps for others they rather prepare them cooked down next to nothing, smothered with a large dose of balsamic vinegar. From miso soup, to scrambled eggs, the culinary avenues lead to many delicious destinations, and leaf by leaf they are grown, pulled, cut, prepared and consumed…. Leaf after leaf. And in many cases one prepared meal may include several leaves at a time, which goes to ask…… what could be so meaningful about one leaf?
    Now ask the same question about all those compacted conversations, interactions you may or may not be having with people every day. What could be so meaning about saying, “Hello, how’s it going?” to a complete stranger? The answer, in my perspective, is the same for the beet leaf. It’s new life inside of us every time! Each leaf is nutrition, each leaf is beautiful in its own distinction, and each leaf has the potential of making the next one even more delicious. For some who just read that statement, you might be exiting this blog immediately, for others, I can only hope this plants a seed of thought, maybe even a new one. We can desire to have lives that don’t just munch down these quick and simple experiences we have with people. We can learn to taste the wisdom they offer, see the joy or sadness they carry, and know that their power and love can move with inside of us. And it will always start with that first bite that breaks the silence. That way, no one ever just becomes another old’ beet leaf.

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